Are you an enthusiast of African cultures and histories?

Are you a Christian or a skeptic of Christianity?

Imagine a book that merges these two worlds together. This is that kind of book. Read the gripping EXCERPT HERE!

Here is what two respected authors are saying:

In this book Kevin Muriithi tears into this question with what Martin Luther King Jr called in his book Strength to Love “a tough mind and a tender heart.” Using a very sweet narrative style, Kevin unravels this mysterium with simplicity and depth only a genius like he could produce. He leaves one factually convinced that it is possible to be proudly African and proudly Christian.

Reuben Kigame, Africa International University, Centre for World Christianity, Nairobi; Founder/Director, Reuben Kigame Center for Christian Apologetics; CEO Kigame Media and posterity publishers Ltd; Author of Christian apologetics through African eyes

We Travelled Africa is a brilliant blend of stories of Kenyan men and women caught in the grasp between African traditional culture and Christianity that will warm your heart, challenge your thinking and compel you to consider how two seemingly different worlds can coexist quite perfectly. 

Ernest Wamboye Founder, The Relationships Center; Author of Human Temple and Lust and the City; Writer for Pen Strokes, an Award-winning blog.



The after-launch price will be KSH 800 from May 1st 2020.

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