My name is Kevin Muriithi.

I call Africa my motherland, and Kenya my home country. I was born in a small hospital in Nakuru but I have spent most of my life in Nairobi, the city under the sun. I am married to Jessica, and father to Noah. Needless to say, family shapes my view of life.

Dr. Kevin Muriithi uniquely equips the church and the academy to reach out to the next generations through connecting the tough questions with the heart realities of the Christian faith. He is a frequent speaker, passionate preacher, and accessible scholar. After receiving an undergraduate degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, he went on to pursue his pastoral calling by serving in Presbyterian churches and earning an M.A. in Biblical & Theological Studies and a PhD in Theology. He has also studied Apologetics from the Talbot School of Theology, Biola University and Heads the Department of Practical Theology in the School of Theology, at St. Paul’s University.

A little bit about me:

  • I am passionate about youth work: I was part of a team that began AIESEC in JKUAT, I’ve run mentorship programmes in public schools, campus ministry engagements and served two local congregations as youth pastor in PCEA Loresho Parish.
  • I am passionate about social transformation: I’ve worked as an Associate Consultant coordinating a fellowship programme for Ashoka East Africa and implemented their Changemaker Schools Programme.
  • I was (am?) an Engineer: As an energy analyst in Green Building Certification and Power Systems Engineer with the national utility.
  • I love books and the life of the mind: I currently serve as Lecturer and Head of Department, in the School of Theology at St. Paul’s University, teach part-time at Pan Africa Christian University and the International Leadership University, and have presented papers at academic conferences and published them in peer-reviewed journals. I see this as part of what it means for me to grow in my love for God with my mind.
  • I like: Music, violin, motorbikes, soccer (I’d have been Ronaldinho in another lifetime), books 🙂

I grew up in the church but came into a living relationship with Jesus Christ later, after my college years of seeking the truth, sometimes in dark places. Having worked as a power systems engineer with the country’s utility, I pursued post-graduate theological education, most recently served as a youth pastor at PCEA Loresho, and teach theology & ministry at St. Paul’s University. I am also involved in co-leading Apologetics Kenya and I write for The Gospel Coalition Africa.

Writing gives me a space to air my thoughts and in a sense, to know more about myself, others and the world. Theo is a fancy word for God and grimage the shorter version of pilgrimage and hence this blog is my pilgrimage with God. With a view to post monthly, I welcome and invite you to explore:

Kevin Muriithi – My Story