My name is Kevin Muriithi.

I am most passionate about individual and community transformation. My calling lies at the intersection of a pastor’s heart, a scholar’s mind and a leader’s hands.

I call Africa my motherland, and Kenya my home country. I was born in a small hospital in Nakuru but I have spent most of my life in Nairobi, the city under the sun. I am married to Jessica, and father to Noah. Needless to say, family shapes my view of life.

A little bit about me:

  • I am passionate about youth work: Was part of a team that began AIESEC in JKUAT, I’ve run mentorship programmes in public schools, campus ministry engagements and oversee the youth ministries in my church (PCEA Loresho Parish).
  • I am passionate about social transformation: I’ve worked as an Associate Consultant coordinating a fellowship programme for Ashoka East Africa and implemented their Changemaker Schools Programme:
  • I was (am?) an Engineer: As an energy analyst in Green Building Certification and Power Systems Engineering.
  • I’m a kind of geek: I am involved with higher education at Pan Africa Christian University, I’m doing doctoral research and present papers at academic conferences.
  • I like: Music, violin, motorbikes, soccer (I’d have been Ronaldinho in another lifetime), books 🙂

I grew up in the church but came into a living relationship with Jesus Christ later, after my college years of seeking the truth, sometimes in dark places. Having worked as a power systems engineer with the country’s utility, I pursued post-graduate theological education and currently serve as a youth pastor at PCEA Loresho, adjunct lecturer in theology & ministry at Pan Africa Christian University, co-leading Apologetics Kenya and a writer & editor for The Gospel Coalition Africa.

Writing gives me a space to air my thoughts and in a sense, to know more about myself, others and the world. Theo is a fancy word for God and grimage the shorter version of pilgrimage and hence this blog is my pilgrimage with God. With a view to post monthly, I welcome and invite you to explore:




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