Since I was young, I found great joy in devouring books.  As I was working as an Engineer, I sensed a call towards theological studies. I found myself at the International Leadership University (ILU, formerly the Nairobi International School of Theology). I had wanted to study Apologetics, based on my personal journey to faith. The only option was as a minor in the M.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies programme at ILU. I saw how systematic theology and biblical studies bear on the apologetics units that I studied – such as critical and creative thinking, understanding worldviews, classical apologetics and cultural apologetics. I ended up writing a research thesis investigating the phenomenon of youth leaving the Church, how they form their worldview(s) and how the African church can respond in its ministry to youth. I currently apply this knowledge as part of the team at Apologetics Kenya. I have also studied Christian Apologetics at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University.

After graduating in 2015 witth my M.A., I ended up resigning from my Engineering practice in 2017 and took up a pastoral call at PCEA Loresho as a youth coordinator. As I served, I began teaching part-time at Pan Africa Christian University in youth ministry courses and apologetics. These practical experiences led me to the importance of youth culture and how it influences the faith formation of youth in urban African cities. In September 2021, I officially completed my Doctoral work in the discipline of Practical Theology at the Department of Philosophy, Practical and Systematic Theology at the University of South Africa. The PhD thesis was entitled The role of youth culture in holistic faith formation of youth in Nairobi : a practical theological approach. The work explores youth cultures and subcultures, history of youth minsitry in the global church and Kenya in particular, Presbyterian history, reformed catechesis as a means of solidly grounding young people in the faith as well as intergenerational approaches to youth ministry that view youth as part of the body of the local church. This has contributed greatly to my teaching at Pan Africa Christian University as well as in my research.

I serve as the secretary for the Africa Society of Evangelical Theology, where I have presented and published several papers. My papers on “Integrating a Biblical Worldview and STEM” and “Toward a Theology of Creation: An African Approach to the Envornment” have been published by Langham in the 2 Volumes below. I am also an executive board member of the International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry, where I have presented papers during the African regional conferences in Lusaka, Zambia in 2018 and the e-conference in 2021 on apologetics, youth culture and faith formation of African youth. I have several other publications in peer-reviewed journals as below.

These are 2 volumes in the 4 volume series of the Africa Society of Evangelical Theology (ASET) in partnership with Langham Publications. You can view or purchase them here.

As a practical theologian engaged in local church ministry, I pursue an interdisciplinary approach at the intersection of social science, theology, apologetics and youth ministry and studies. The following is a list of some published articles:

(17) Discipling Kenyan Gen Z’s on Sexuality: Reflections from the Global Study on Youth Culture. Journal of Contemporary Ministry. [Forthcoming]

(16) Spiritual Warfare in African Christianity: A Reformed Perspective on the Fear of Curses and Witchcraft. In: Esther Acolatse & Kevaughn Mattis (Eds.), Holistic Theology for Modern Black/African Churches. Wipf & Stock. [Forthcoming 2022].

(15) The Relevance of Covenant Theology to Fatherlessness in Kenya: A Youth and Family Ministry Perspective. Acta Theologica. [Under Review – Forthcoming 2022]

(14) Pastoral Care in African Youth Ministry: A Qualitative and Theological Analysis in Light of COVID-19. Journal of Contemporary Ministry. [Under Review – Forthcoming 2022]

(13) A Holistic Approach to Youth Ministry Models in Africa: A Practical Theology for Faith Formation. Journal of Youth and Theology. [Under Review – Forthcoming 2022]

(12) Youth Transitions in a Digital Age: An Empirical Approach for a Post-COVID Kenyan Church in Baikady, R., Nadesan, V., SM, S., Przeperski, J., Islam, M., Jianguo, G. (Eds.), The Palgrave Handbook of Global Social Change. Palgrave MacMillan. [Forthcoming 2022]

(11) Towards a Kenyan Political Theology: The Importance of Church History for Contemporary Public Life. African Journal of History and Culture 13.2, (2021), 102-109.

(10) Engaging Youth Worldviews in Africa: A Practical Theology in Light of John 4. Conspectus – The Journal of the South African Theological Seminary 32 [Oct 2021]

(9) The Supremacy of Jesus Christ: A Theological Response to Mbũri Cia Kiama. African Theological Journal for Church and Society 2.2. (2021), 40-57.

(8) Apologetics in a Digital Age: Incarnating the Gospel for African Next Gens. Global Missiology 18.4 (2021), 24-32.

(7) Let them Come to Me: A Youth Inclusive and Missional Perspective in Presbyterian Context. Journal of Youth and Theology 1 (2021).

(6) Ubuntu Apologetics in Faith Formation: An Ethnography of Youth Ministry in Nairobi. Journal of Youth and Theology 1(2021).

(5) Transforming Youth Ministry Higher Education in Kenya: A Practical Theological Approach (co-authored with Prof. Nathan Chiroma). Journal of Education, Society and Behavioral Science 32.1 (2019), 1-10.

(4) Integrating a Biblical Worldview and STEM: Implications for the Kenyan Public University and Theological Education. In: Profs. David Ngaruiya & Rodney Reed (Eds.), Governance and Christian Higher Education in the African Context. Langham Publishing, 2019.

(3) Toward a Theology of Creation: An African Approach to the Environment. In: Profs. David Ngaruiya & Rodney Reed (Eds.), God and Creation. Langham Publishing, 2019.

(2) Christians and the Environment. African Bible Commentary, Revised Edition.

(1) Youth Culture. Africa Bible Commentary, Revised Edition.

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