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My Top Apps and Sites for Spiritual Growth

Since technology is such an integrated part of our daily life, rather than using it haphazardly, we can utilize it to serve our spiritual growth. Over the years, I have found these 6 applications or sites, helpful in my spiritual growth:

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God’s Design for the Church: A Guide for African Pastors and Ministry Leaders

A Book review of Conrad Mbewe’s Book Statistics show that Christianity’s point of gravity is shifting to the Global South. Especially the church in sub-Sahara Africa is impacting the church’s narrative. In many African villages, towns and cities, churches of various stripes and shades colour the landscape. On the other hand, there have also been […]

Jesus Christ, the Great High Priest

Jesus Christ is the main focus of the whole Bible. While things like the priesthood and sacrifices of the Old Tesatment can look far removed, the Bible uses these images to exalt the superiority of Jesus Christ, in his person and work, to all who look to him.

A Kenyan political theology

August 2022 will be a big month for the Kenyan political landscape. How Christians engage the Kenyan political space can be reduced to three major extremes: Politics is a “no-go zone” for Christians Voting should maintain our ethical power bloc Christians should organize themselves around some utopian party made up of only Jesus-followers These three […]


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