Be Famous, For Christ

Twitter handles and timelines are making us famous. They uncover what we truly love. They are laying our hearts bear for what is there. I happened to come across the trailer of Paul the Apostle (2018) on someone’s timeline and managed to watch the movie yesterday. It reminded me of a great line that I came across some time back:

The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.

I must confess that sometimes I have bought into the mentality of popular culture. I have felt lured to pursue fame for fame’s sake. And I was reminded the futility of such a focus when I got a peek into the lives of those brothers and sisters in the early beginnings of the Christian community, who must have faced great odds. In the movie, Paul talking to the Roman guard says something to the effect:

“Picture a person who is on a boat, going on a journey in a sea. He gets to the edge of the boat, lowers their hand onto the cool water and scoops some onto his palms. Within a few seconds, all the water runs down between his fingers.  Such is the reality for the one who focuses on fame. They remain blind to the bigger reality, the bigger horizon of the sea. The Kingdom of heaven is like the great expanse of the sea, a reservoir of unlimited potential”

I wonder whether this generation will entrust themselves to and tap into such a great reservoir? With all the opportunities and beckoning around us, will we pursue fame for fame’s sake? Will we instead choose the great expanse of a life in Christ, in the different spheres of our lives? A life in which we are truly known, and truly loved?

Will the coming generations remain thirsty as a result of the scoop of droplets in our hands, or will their cup overflow with Living water?

“And he is before all things and in him, all things hold together” (Colossians 1:17)

There is a better, all-consuming and satisfying flame that will revive a generation. Be famous for Christ!

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