A Pastor’s Letter to Himself

Dear . . . ,

I know you doubt yourself sometimes, but remember God’s voice and gifts are irrevocable.

I know you face many battles, but the greatest battle is the fight of the gospel in your own heart.

I know that you sometimes have to wear many hats, but remember that Christ crowns your head to your feet.

I know that sometimes it feels like tough work, but remember your labor is not in vain.

I know that sometimes you consider the opportunity cost, but remember you are battling for the souls of a generation that have been bought at a great cost.

I know that the Church is complex, but remember it is made up of forgiven sinners who are being perfected.

I know that you get great fulfillment when lives are transformed, but remember the greatest joy is that you have been transformed and are being transformed.

I know that it can get lonely, but remember there is a great cloud of witnesses surrounding you.

Remember that this title is not what defines you, neither the society, neither your failures nor your successes. Remember that it is Christ himself who is your all and in all.

You are in the firm grip of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

And because of this, you can boldly say “It is well!”

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