Apologetics in a digital age – incarnating the gospel for Africa’s next gens

A new article just got published by Global Missiology in October 2021. It is a more developed articled from a talk I had given for Ratio Christi South Africa on 18th August 2021.

Summary of the published article:

This article explores how digital media culture affects young people in African cities in three major areas. First, it leads to a shift in the area of knowledge and certainty; second, it leads to isolation and attendant mental health issues; third, it provides a bridge for engaging popular culture’s philosophical and religious ideas that are propagated by new media. This article proposes that, to counter digital isolation or assimilation, Christian leaders are called to “wise-engagement” modelled after Paul’s apologetic in Acts 17. The article offers practical considerations for engaging in the apologetic task among Africa’s next gens (generations).

Read more here

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