Subverting Political Powers through the Power of Advent

Advent, rather than offering an immediate solution to the unique challenges of our day, invites us to a faith-filled act of waiting for the consolation of Israel. The Christian faith is neither forceful nor is it utopian in its promise for a better future. Yet through an invitation to follow the Suffering-Servant, we tread the well-worn path of faith that looks forward in hope. This path avoids the power wielding, ear-splitting of enemies, while also being weary of an other-worldly, merely heavenly minded faith that is of no earthly good. Through patient endurance, courageous public engagement, love-of-enemies, and fruit-bearing lives, we bring the realities of the kingdom into war-tone areas, corrupt political regimes, and ecological crises. Rather than an idealistic season of rituals, the advent season offers meaningful hope to face life with all its realities.

Read the complete reflection here

Cover Image: “Navidad 2016” by Walter Chávez is licensed under the Unsplash License.

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