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  • God’s Design for the Church: A Guide for African Pastors and Ministry Leaders

    God’s Design for the Church: A Guide for African Pastors and Ministry Leaders

    A Book review of Conrad Mbewe’s Book Statistics show that Christianity’s point of gravity is shifting to the Global South. Especially the church in sub-Sahara Africa is impacting the church’s narrative. In many African villages, towns and cities, churches of various stripes and shades colour the landscape. On the other hand, there have also been […]

  • 4 Things about Family Worship – Part 1

    4 Things about Family Worship – Part 1

    I have become convinced that the family is the first Church. Among the fondest memories I have of my extended family is the visits to my great-grandparents. My guka (great-grandfather) Kaguti, was among the first Christians in his locality. When we would gather at his, and cucu (great-grandmother) Wamaitha’s place, he would teach us (their […]

  • The Hole in our Holiness

    The Hole in our Holiness

    The reason we are half-hearted in our discussion about and pursuit of holiness is the gap between our passion and our pursuit. Kevin DeYoung, a minister and favorite writer of mine, seeks to help us think through this hallmark of the Christian faith. In my Christian life and ministry experience, I have come across several […]

  • Recommended Books on Apologetics in Africa

    Recommended Books on Apologetics in Africa

    Apologetics Kenya is a ministry that was co-founded to equip believers in the African church and to engage skeptics through answering the big questions of life within a Christian worldview in the African context. We have been engaging in monthly fora since 2017 and have recorded some of our fora on our YouTube channel.  One […]

  • BOOK 2 EXCERPT – A Taste of We Travelled Africa

    BOOK 2 EXCERPT – A Taste of We Travelled Africa

    By Grace. That’s how they arrived at this point. A deep common consciousness pervaded the three of them, reflected clearly in their nonchalant faces: Easy, genuine smiles; affirming abstract understandings and upright, cool, calm and collected demeanours.  Their cumulative age, one hundred and sixty-five years, to be exact, intertwined many stories between the three men. […]

  • Making Sense of Suffering

    Making Sense of Suffering

    “You haven’t heard what has happened?” This is a response that causes the hairs on my nape to rise. I received it in March, after the plane carrying my uncle from a business trip in Italy went down in Ethiopia, leaving no survivors. It is a response I received less than a year ago through […]

  • Has the Church Lost its Mission?

    Has the Church Lost its Mission?

    A variety of occurrences have precipitated this reflection. Kenyan headlines have run amock with several state injustices. Solai dam collapse has led to the loss of many lives, with promises of investigation reflecting empty rhetoric. Elsewhere, student unrest due to mismanagement and misappropriation of funds led to boycotts and eventual shutdown of a prominent private […]

  • My Top Apologetics Books

    My Top Apologetics Books

    10. Five Views on Apologetics Edited by Stanley N. Gundry This book provides a good survey of the different apologetics methods that can be used in the practice of Apologetics. What’s better still is that there is a response at the end of each proposed method by another scholar, hence the word “counterpoints”. William Lane Craig […]

  • My Teachers . . .

    My Teachers . . .

    True to the idea that we sit on the shoulder’s of those who’ve gone before us, this Tanzanian proverb captures the sentiments of this post: “Kama ukikataa la mkubwa, utatembea kutwa nzima.” (Translated from Ngoreme) It basically holds the idea that if one fails to hear the elders (although they are just as human), one […]

  • Book Excerpt: A Curious Faith

    Book Excerpt: A Curious Faith

      A Curious Faith: Love, Loss and Living Copyright© 2016 by Kevin Muriithi. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the author, except as provided by the […]