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  • 4 Things about Family Worship – Part 1

    4 Things about Family Worship – Part 1

    I have become convinced that the family is the first Church. Among the fondest memories I have of my extended family is the visits to my great-grandparents. My guka (great-grandfather) Kaguti, was among the first Christians in his locality. When we would gather at his, and cucu (great-grandmother) Wamaitha’s place, he would teach us (their […]

  • The Hole in our Holiness

    The Hole in our Holiness

    The reason we are half-hearted in our discussion about and pursuit of holiness is the gap between our passion and our pursuit. Kevin DeYoung, a minister and favorite writer of mine, seeks to help us think through this hallmark of the Christian faith. In my Christian life and ministry experience, I have come across several […]

  • Review of John Piper, Coronavirus and Christ (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2020)

    Review of John Piper, Coronavirus and Christ (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2020)

    By Kevin Muriithi John Piper is one of the most influential pastors of our time. What characterizes his ministry is passionate zeal, theological depth, biblical engagement and pastoral application. The gift of technology has allowed Christians all over the world, including fellow Christians and their leaders in Africa and Kenya, my home country, to benefit […]

  • How the Psalms are an Antidote for the Suffering Saint

    How the Psalms are an Antidote for the Suffering Saint

    I have often returned to the Psalms during troubling times. When some of my seasons have been dark, the Psalms have been a balm for my weary soul. The same book that often declares God’s greatness is the same book that captures the suffering saint’s refrain: How long O Lord? When I lost my brother […]

  • My Top Apps and Sites for Spiritual Growth

    My Top Apps and Sites for Spiritual Growth

    Is technology good or bad? I think that the better question we can ask is how can we use technology for our spiritual growth. Time in the Word, Fellowship, and Prayer bears a lot of spiritual fruit in the long run for the follower of Jesus Christ. This has been true in my life. Since […]

  • Exploring Distorted Gospels in Africa

    Exploring Distorted Gospels in Africa

    While some churches enjoy a healthy diet of gospel truth, many other churches in Africa are malnourishing Christ’s chosen people. And because the body is very dynamic, it can get used to bad diet. Eventually, bad diets have an uncanny way of eating the body from inside, leading to health problems. Starvation could follow, which […]

  • Can I Lose my Salvation? Pondering on Joshua Harris

    Can I Lose my Salvation? Pondering on Joshua Harris

    Can my faith in Jesus Christ one day wane to the point of rejecting Christ? This is a jarring question. At least for me. It is one, which in the wake of the decisions by two prominent Christian leaders has caused several responses. Having championed the purity culture that has been a foundational understanding of […]

  • Making Sense of Suffering

    Making Sense of Suffering

    “You haven’t heard what has happened?” This is a response that causes the hairs on my nape to rise. I received it in March, after the plane carrying my uncle from a business trip in Italy went down in Ethiopia, leaving no survivors. It is a response I received less than a year ago through […]

  • Being African, From Africa

    Being African, From Africa

    “This sound is heard  in Somalia, Sudan and Senegal it is heard in Gambia Ghana and Gabon in Niger, Nigeria and Namibia in Madagascar, Mali and Morocco it is heeeaard, in Zimbabwe, and indeed in mother Zambia” Their sound blasted through the atmosphere, reaffirming and retracing their African identity. Their attire was as colorful as […]

  • A Pastor’s Letter to Himself

    A Pastor’s Letter to Himself

    Dear . . . , I know you doubt yourself sometimes, but remember God’s voice and gifts are irrevocable. I know you face many battles, but the greatest battle is the fight of the gospel in your own heart. I know that you sometimes have to wear many hats, but remember that Christ crowns your […]

  • Be Famous, For Christ

    Be Famous, For Christ

    Twitter handles and timelines are making us famous. They uncover what we truly love. They are laying our hearts bear for what is there. I happened to come across the trailer of Paul the Apostle (2018) on someone’s timeline and managed to watch the movie yesterday. It reminded me of a great line that I […]

  • Why I am and don’t Fuss about being a Presbyterian

    Why I am and don’t Fuss about being a Presbyterian

    Ngugi Wa Thiong’o tells the story of how an eagle was convinced she was a chicken. Limited to the four walls of the hen house, she spends years living on ground-level. Eventually, after a long time, it takes a unique circumstance that forces her to take a leap of faith that she flutters and takes flight […]

  • Wearing the Title Pastor

    Wearing the Title Pastor

    How is it being a pastor? With the frequency I have been hearing this honest question, perhaps it’s a queue for me to embrace IG for good purposes 🙂 Outside of the Sunday pulpit publicity, there are aspects of administration, leadership and spiritual care. A lot to learn. But how does it feel? It feels […]

  • Steve Job’s Dots = New Year Reflections

    Steve Job’s Dots = New Year Reflections

    Keep yourselves in the Love of God” (Jude 1:21) Steve Jobs suggested that hindsight helps one to connect the dots of life. I guess it’s a fancy way of saying that there is purpose in our lives. As a Christian, I know that this purpose is not blind and impersonal, but that it stems from […]

  • 7 Reasons Why Doctrine Matters

    7 Reasons Why Doctrine Matters

    Joining the bandwagon of resolution-ists, I have decided to make my reading more structured. I plan to be reading at least 3 books a month and with my impending 3 month anniversary in my pastoral calling, this week I’ll be reading Proclaiming a Cross-Centered Theology written by Mark Dever and others affiliated with The Gospel […]

  • Why Kenya Needs to Recover Beautiful Orthodoxy

    Why Kenya Needs to Recover Beautiful Orthodoxy

    Calling the Millennial Generation to be Grounded in the Gospel Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the center cannot hold W. B. Yeats The Aftermath of the 2017 Elections Spirits soared high on the streets as the new President elect took his oath for a […]

  • 5 Tough Questions about the Church

    5 Tough Questions about the Church

    I’ve gathered a list of questions that I think people pose with regards to their understanding of church, and this post tries to offer a biblical and theological response. A Church Boy Gone Wild This infographic is definitely not one of the questions we are considering! 🙂 I ponder only because I once asked some […]

  • Moving Beyond Nane Nane: Church and Politics in Kenya

    Moving Beyond Nane Nane: Church and Politics in Kenya

    Even for those who wish to eschew politics based on their personal opinions such as myself, one cannot hide in the face of the vitriol on social media. As one who leans towards non-violence as the best tool for progress, I was deeply saddened by the messages that partisan people make based on the differing […]

  • Great Christian Biographies – Spurgeon

    Great Christian Biographies – Spurgeon

    A series about Christian biographies that can inspire the modern day believer.

  • My Personal Story

    My Personal Story

    Childhood I was born in a small town in Nakuru, which is a town in Rift Valley, Kenya. Needless to say, I made my debut to the world two weeks before the due date – I guess this curiosity goes with me way back. We lived in upper hill for sometime before moving to Eastlands, […]